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Sibylle Fleitmann

Independent Consultant Tobacco Control (ICTC)

Westfeld 68

58730 Fröndenberg


E-Mail: s.fleitmann (ad)

Something more personal? Here a short CV:

Born in Germany, I studied foreign languages (English and French) and later specialised in EU tobacco control policy. I am married and have two sons. From 1968 to 2003, I lived in Belgium. 1968 to 1991 I worked with my husband where I managed a Holiday camp for children "La Ferme Maire-Bois". 1991 after our divorce I started working in the field of smoking prevention.  I set up the  European Network for Smoking Prevention and was Secretary General from 1997-2003. Since 2003, I am back in Germany, happily married again,  enjoying 4 grand children. I am working as an independent consultant in tobacco control and hope to contribute through my work to better health for all.


Currently I am working from Azerbaijan. If you want to know more about the living experience there you can check my blog .